MSDC Business Grants – What you could be entitled to!

The MSDC Revenues Team wants to help your business by giving you grants you are entitled to. They are extremely helpful, understanding and knowledgeable about what you could be entitled to, and will do everything in their capacity to help you. All you need to do is get in touch. Email  to find out what grant your business could be entitled to.

Here are a couple of examples HHBA have put together:

Business working from home 
A business operating from home (with property costs of up to £15k) struggled through the initial lockdown and the business owner was concerned that they wouldn’t be entitled to any financial assistance as they did not pay business rates.

Everything they had read seemed to link any funding support directly to the rateable value of the commercial premises the business occupies.

After speaking with Mid-Sussex District Council (‘MSDC’) the business owner was informed they might be eligible for a discretionary grant that was set up to help businesses going through a difficult time as a result of the pandemic. Businesses operating from home or from a rateable or non rateable business property that is not mandated to close, where income has been significantly reduced due to the current pandemic can obtain assistance with ongoing business expenditure.

Business expenditure can include rent, insurances, business loans, utilities and vehicle cost. They will include an allowance for working from a home office and home storage (business use) where appropriate. The Additional Restriction Discretionary Grant is open now. Businesses can apply more than once and for multiple schemes. If you run a business from home and / or are not sure if you qualify for financial support under the local grants scheme – contact MSDC and ask. They will guide you through the process and give you a clear direction on what is available.

Public House
A local pub who is liable for business rates (rateable value of £35k) suffered a loss of revenue due to the restrictions that were imposed on it during 2020. The restrictions led to a closure at times (they are a pub that mainly sells drink) or otherwise a reduced capacity which directly contributed to a fall in sales.

After contacting Mid-Sussex District Council (‘MSDC’), the business owners were informed they could make a claim under the current grant scheme that was introduced at the time.

When the pub was mandated to closed completely by the government, as part of the Tier restrictions or national lockdown, the owners got back in touch with MSDC to see if any other financial help was available.

To the owners surprise they discovered that not only were they entitled to the funding that was awarded previously but they were also entitled to a further grant that was specifically made available for businesses that were forced to close.

In this scenario, as well as a business rates payment holiday for 2020/21, they would be entitled to the following grants as well as the original £25k grant they received earlier in 2020.

Please note that if the lockdown extends beyond the 15th February 2021 further grants may be available.  You would need to apply for each grant above.
If you have already applied and been awarded a grant previously, you are not excluded from making further applications.

Please apply at

MSDC website

The Discretionary Grant Scheme and applications are extended until 15th February.