Mid Sussex Science week – Can you help?

We are organising Mid Sussex Science Week again this year and wondered if  you would like to get involved in some way?

Mid Sussex Science week is an annual event that we have been running since 2015 to help inspire primary school children in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).  The event has evolved over the years and for the first time we are running events for both Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath schools.  The Burgess Hill event will be 19th -23rd June, and the Haywards Heath event will be 3rd-7th July.

Each school is partnered with a local business, they would then decide on a STEM project and work on this together over the week.  The children will work with the teacher to develop ideas and come up with a presentation board to exhibit at the show on the Friday. At the event the children are split into groups and they are given a timetable to follow.  They present their ideas to judges and also get the opportunity to visit the various stands around the room.  Following lunch there is a prize giving and then a science show before the children are sent home with a goody bag. 

There are several ways in which you could help:

1 – Be a STEM ambassador.  You would be partnered with a local school to work on a project which will then be presented at the Friday event.  You would need to visit the school a couple of times during the week to help them with their ideas but the teacher mainly leads the project with them.  Ideally you would be available to attend a couple of times in the week for an hour or so and at the event on Friday where the children will show their projects to the judges.  If you want to find out about what is involved in this Phil or Carl could talk you through it as they have both had this role in previous years. We like to get a variety of backgrounds and could really benefit from a Maths related company helping us this year as we do predominantly have engineering businesses involved.

2 – Provide an exhibit for the children to look at during the Friday event.  While the projects are being judged, we have companies around the hall engaging children in small activities.  12 -18 children for about 20 mins at a time.  Last year for example we had Broadcast Bionics showing a fault-finding radio setup, Edwards showing what happens to marshmallows when you create a vacuum, BSE3D made some simple torches, Sally Turner came to show her sports equipment for her GB Cycling, ISG did a building exercise and bio productions displayed some of their cleaning products.  I believe Broadcast Bionics are your neighbours, Jon Clark could discuss being an exhibitor if you wanted more information.  He did this last year and will also be helping with this again this year.

 3 – Provide sponsorship to help fund the event.  At the end of the event all students are presented with a goody bag of STEM related products.  This can either be something you provide directly with or without branding or a donation towards the goody bag, running of the event or the science show costs.

4 – be a judge.  In pairs, the judges talk to the children about their projects and award marks based on their understanding of their chosen topic.  This is then discussed as a group and the winners and second place decided.  Prize giving is after lunch.

5 – Forward any details of other companies and their contacts that may be able to help out.

We would be very grateful if you are able to help in any capacity with this year’s event either one or both if you are able.  If you want any more details, please let me know.  We also have a website Science Week 2022 – (midsussexscience.org) which tells you much more about the event. 

As you can imagine this is quite an event to put on and it can only be done with the generous help of local businesses.  If you are able to help in any way, please let me know how you would be able to and I can then forward relevant details.  In order for the event to run smoothly, we need to get as much in place as early as we can, with this in mind – if you are able to reply by the end of next week to let me know.

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