Mid Sussex District Council Retail Training Program Next Events

The next two training workshops for the Mid Sussex District Council Independent Retailer Shop Front Grant Scheme will take place on:

Tuesday 8th January 2019 in East Grinstead at the Town Council offices

Tuesday 22nd January 2019 in Hurstpierpoint at the Village centre.

The first event covers product range and product management.  In this session the instructors will cover:

  • Key concepts in planning a product range, so that it achieves the strategy for the business, works well against competition and meets the needs of the store’s target customers.
  • How to analyse a competitor’s ranges so you define yours to make your business clearly differentiated.
  • Where to prioritise your range investment and time effort.
  • How to select products so that they support the range strategy and meet the needs of your target customers.
  • Factors to consider when setting selling prices for those products (promotional pricing will be covered later in the series in a marketing workshop).
  • How to introduce range improvements without alienating customers during range changes.

The second event covers store presentation and visual merchandising.  This workshop will address:

  • The three strategic options for how you can plan traffic flow in your store and which one works best in different circumstances.
  • Key factors to consider when deciding where to place product groups, products, service areas/counters, tills and other potential equipment.
  • Store presentation and store housekeeping.
  • Making the best use of windows.
  • Use of lighting.
  • The “see through” store verses high fixtures. Line of sight considerations.
  • Use of marketing signage.
  • The different types of fixtures and how to optimise merchandise presentation on each one.
  • Customer “eyeline” considerations. Special factors for children.
  • The customer’s walk up to the store entrance.
  • Online merchandising verses store merchandising.

This session will include a large number of photographs showing good and bad practice.

There will be three following workshops, two in February and one in March, covering:

  • Retail marketing, promotion planning, execution and assessment, promotional pricing and advertising
  • Sales and customer service
  • Inventory or stock management.

Participation at all events is free of charge and is open to independent retailers in the Mid Sussex District Council area.  Interested retailers can register at http://www.martec-international.com/services/114/free-training-for-independent-retailers.   Joining instructions with full details will be emailed to those who registered in advance of each event.

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