Message from Sue Llewellyn regarding scam emails

Thank you to everyone that got in contact whilst I was on holiday regarding the scam email that was circulated. Clare and the committee quickly put a message out on our social media channels to say this was a scam. (not sure I’ll be allowed two weeks off in the future, as Clare had a rather busy day!)

We are aware of spurious emails being circulated. Please always check the senders email address, my email address is which is always used for HHBA emails.

Unfortunately someone has scrapped the website picking up all the email addresses from the members directory and then numerous people are sending scam emails. We have looked into this and I’m afraid there is nothing we can do as the addresses have been copied. A number of organisations do suffer from this.

May I point out that we never sell members data or attendee lists and that the online directory is free and available for all to see to help with member to member referrals and members SEO.

I appreciate that this is annoying and I am sorry, please delete these emails and block the sender. If you are ever unsure please do contact me or Clare.

Kind regards

Sue Llewellyn | HHBA Business Manager

Mobile: 07825 704939



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