Merry Christmas from the Haywards Heath Business Association

Dear HHBA Community,


I feel that we have quite a bit to celebrate looking over the success of the HHBA in the last year.

We’ve reached new highs for membership, in 2019 we welcomed 62 new members. That’s a record year.

That’s not luck that we’ve seen the numbers and popularity grow. Working behind the scenes really has been a dedicated committee driving many aspects of local business forward.

Each committee member has a role and a purpose concentrating on an area that drives the effectiveness of the association. I have to thank each and everyone of the committee who have given up their time and skills in order for the local business community to prosper.

What’s Up in 2020?

We have much news to impart, too much to write here, so we have dedicated the first meeting of 2020 to communicating what is coming up for members and how to maximise your membership. So please book here to join us in January to find out more.

Something New for 2020

We often get new members joining the HHBA who have quite a few questions in order to get themselves up and running and making the most out of the membership. To help answer these questions and be a point of contact, Sue Llewellyn our Business Manager will set up an HHBA Clinic each month at Freshmills Co-Working Offices. Here you can chat to Sue over a coffee and help your membership gather speed and efficiency . The first Clinic will be held on Wednesday 8th January followed by the first Wednesday of each month, Sue looks forward to seeing you there.

Thank You’s

For official notices, I would like to formally welcome Gary Smith from Simply Business Finance who has taken on the role of Treasurer. He has fitted in beautifully with the rest of the committee and we look forward to working alongside him in 2020.

My last mention is for Sue Llewellyn. The HHBA has been very blessed with the contribution that it has received over the years that Sue has been involved.

Sue is a pleasure to work with and her ingenuity and commitment to the members is unwavering. I have to truly say that I am really looking forward to collaborating with her and the rest of the committee to bring a better and brighter HHBA for the next year.

I look forward to seeing you in the New Year at the next Networking Drinks event.

Please send us any feedback that you have or come and find either me or Sue our Business Manager at any of our events and we would be happy to chat.

Kindest regards and have a very Merry Christmas

Clare Jones

HHBA Chair

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