Merger between Chichester College Group and Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

We are delighted to announce that the merger between Chichester College Group and Greater Brighton Metropolitan College (GB MET) has been finalised.

This merger represents an exciting chapter, as we come together to create a dynamic, strong and resilient college group, ensuring young people, apprentices and adults across our region will be able to access a fantastic education.

We have a lot in common, not least a shared vision of providing the best opportunities for our current and our future students as well as employers.

We are looking forward to working with customers, businesses and stakeholders to develop and expand our provision, ensuring we’re meeting the skills needs of our region and driving forward sustainable and innovative education models.

You can read the full announcement about the merger on our website:

Following the merger, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College has been dissolved, with the assets and liabilities transferred to CCG. The two colleges that were previously merged to create GB MET will return to local identities, as Northbrook College and Brighton Met College.

Helena Thomas will continue in her role as principal at Northbrook College and she will also take over as principal at Worthing College.

Paul Riley has been selected as principal at Brighton Metropolitan College and also remains in place as principal at Haywards Heath College.

All correspondence addresses and telephone numbers remain the same, as do staff email addresses and website addresses.

We remain committed to serving the best interests of our students, staff and the wider communities that we serve – and we look forward to working with you.

One team, one focus – customers.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Green

Chief Executive Officer

Chichester College Group