Mental Health in the Workplace – an essential and not a nice to have

In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environments, prioritising mental health has become essential for maintaining employee well-being and productivity. While many businesses have recognised the importance of mental health, the support can be limited to a few known options such as counselling and therapy.

However, one effective way to address the wellbeing of your highly critical resources, which is less known in the small business world, is coaching.  Once seen as a benefit for Senior level Directors and Executives, coaching is now more accessible and provides a better return on investment than other forms of personal development for employees at all levels.

The main benefit when your staff are feeling the pressure of life is that coaching is specifically tailored to their circumstances.  It offers guidance, support, and resources to help employees navigate the challenges by connecting them to their strengths and empowering them to take action. Here are some key reasons why coaching could help with mental health in the workplace:

Navigating uncertainty – We live in uncertain times, with financial and social pressures around us and businesses are not immune to these uncertainties.  However, for employees who may be impacted by reorganisations, job changes, or personal challenges like divorce, bereavement, or financial strains, it can cause mental and emotional anxiety, leading to overwhelm and sickness.

Working with a coach, can help individuals develop strategies for managing uncertainty, setting realistic expectations, and maintaining a positive mindset in the face of change.

Building resilience – Our lives can be demanding and unpredictable, requiring all of us to adapt quickly to new environments and challenges. If businesses go through transitions, take overs or merger or if life has thrown several curve balls and we find ourselves feeling beaten.  Coaching can help individuals build resilience by helping them identify the most appropriate coping skills, stress management techniques, and strategies for maintaining work-life balance.

Providing career support – Sometimes life “happens” to us and we lose sight of our career goals and aspirations, we lose motivation and focus, as we step further away from what was once a dream.  But your unique talents are still there! Working with an independent and confidential coach, can help individuals clarify their career objectives, identify opportunities for professional development, and navigate their career path much more effectively.  Connecting you back to the fire and drive that you once had, which improves your effectiveness in the workplace.

Promoting self-care – Not all of us will have access to a full range of employee benefits, so it’s even more essential to take personal responsibility and prioritise self-care and well-being. Coaching can help individuals identify their stressors, develop realistic self-care routines, set appropriate boundaries, and prioritise their mental and physical health.

Coaching has emerged as a valuable resource for addressing mental health challenges in the workplace. Unlike traditional mental health interventions, coaching focuses on empowering individuals to identify and overcome barriers, develop coping strategies, and enhance resilience. The benefit, unlike other personal growth and development solutions, is that this process provides long lasting behaviour change, as coaching clients gain awareness and take ownership of their transformation.

Incorporating coaching into the workplace sends a powerful message that mental health and well-being are valued and prioritised by the business, at all levels. By providing support and resources, you can help your staff thrive in their roles, contribute effectively to the workplace, and ultimately enhance overall productivity and morale.

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