Discount on your membership subscription


Introduce a friend to the Haywards Heath Business Association and receive a discount on your membership subscription

Haywards Heath Business Association (HHBA) is currently seeking new members and is offering existing members a 25% discount on their membership fees when they introduce a new associate.

The HHBA puts local businesses at the heart of the Mid-Sussex community and its membership base is growing every month. Its popular activities include networking to share business connections and friendships with local businesses in order to foster a vibrant, diverse and resilient local economy across the region.

Membership of the HHBA is open to representatives of businesses and organisations operating in, or wishing to do business within, the Mid-Sussex area, and membership starts from as little as £12 a month.

To qualify for the discount, the proposing member must have paid their annual  subscription in full and the new member must also pay the annual subscription cost in full. The 25% discount on membership fees can be used for the existing members subsequent annual renewal. Members can introduce as many new members as they wish receiving a discount of up to 50% in total. Please email to ensure your discount is applied.

Furthermore, newly joined members recommended can introduce other new members. It’s no surprise that the HHBA is one of the fastest-growing business associations!