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Martyn Carr Coaching

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64 Janes Lane, Burgess Hill, United Kingdom RH15 0QR

Sometimes leaders & business owners need help to grow. They may lack either the bandwidth to do more or the space to reflect on where to steer their business towards. Finding the right people to support you at these times can be challenging and expensive. Martyn Carr Coaching provides an affordable, coaching led alternative to traditional consultancy that may just be right for your business.

By taking a coaching-led approach we mean focusing on your learning with an attitude that says “your potential (and that of your business) is realised by optimising your own individuality and uniqueness, never by moulding them to another’s opinion of what constitutes best practice”. – Sir John Whitmore, 2017.

At present we offer 4 key services:

  1. 1 2 1 Executive Coaching for established leaders
  2. 1 2 1 Management skills coaching & mentoring for next generation leaders
  3. Business coaching, including diagnostic reviews of existing business models and helping to shape priority-led strategy
  4. Coaching skills training for leaders who want to acquire this essential C21st leadership skill

If you are of the view that you and your people know your business best, and suspect that the support of a skilled 3rd party professional could bring an even greater focus to your priorities and the drawing out of your potential, then you may well benefit from working with us.

To learn more about working with a coach or you're new to coaching, please get in touch as we offer a free ‘experience being coached’ session to established and next generation leaders.

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Phone: 07740 638414
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