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Pip Evan-Cook
Pip Evan-Cook
West Sussex, United Kingdom

The Marketing Architect works with service-based businesses throughout the UK. We help our clients to develop a marketing strategy that is tailored to their unique business, their budget and their target market. Then, if they want our help to implement the marketing strategy too, we provide a Freelance Marketing Manager service to get the job done.

Having The Marketing Architect as your Freelance Marketing Manager means having access to the insight and guidance of a highly-experienced, CIM qualified marketing manager, and a network of specialist experts for a fraction of the cost of a full time marketing manager. We'll do all the marketing planning and thinking for you, and as your project manager, we'll make sure the job gets done on time, and on budget, and nothing is forgotten.

Launching something new? … Consider it sorted.

Need to increase sales to meet targets? … Let us sort out the plan.

An advertising opportunity you need to capitalise on? … Already on it. 

Website needs to convert more? … We've got you. 


Your Freelance Marketing Manager is here to take the pressure off you and help you increase sales. We will deal with everything from strategic marketing ideas and planning to execution and delivery. This is managed with the help of the the Marketing Architect virtual team and handpicked experts to bring in for bigger projects.

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Phone: 07912534630

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