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Next time you do a Search on Google, look how far down the page or screen you have to scroll to get to the 'Organic' Listings.  One Screen, Two Screens....?

The fact is, Google Paid and Sponsored Ads dominate Search Listings!

You'll recognise them easily by the words 'Ad' or 'Sponsored' next to the listing

What this means is that Businesses that have relied on organic search engine listings in the past are in danger of being squeezed out by paid/sponsored ones, which are seen first and leave organic search engine listings further down the page.

This can have a real negative impact on businesses that don't have the same budget or resources as their competitors, potentially leading to a decrease in quality search results and leads generated from REAL and valid prospects who need what you're providing!

You deserve better.

So what can we do about it?

At Clixx Win, we're all about helping businesses adapt to this new environment and win leads and business.

With our comprehensive suite of tools and years of experience working in multiple - and very varied - industries, we can help you strategise, design and launch campaigns with absolute precision, optimising over time to help you step it up another notch, and making sure you get the results you're looking for.

Be Brave!

This is the Future of Search

  • Paid Ads Generate Twice the Visitors That SEO (Organic) Does
  • 63% of People Have Clicked on a Google Ad
  • 61.9% of Google Ads Clicks Come From Mobile Devices

Want to know more?

Let's have a chat and we can answer any questions you might have.

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Phone: 01444 716950

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