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25 Lincoln Wood, Haywards Heath, United Kingdom RH16 1LH

At RAW we support organisations to enhance their team's performance and wellbeing by combining resilience training, business psychology, breath practice and mindful movement.

With RAW training and workshops we introduce practical ways to recognise stressors, in ourselves and others; to manage our responses to them; to stay focused and to improve our health and wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

We offer a range of engaging workshops to suit the needs of any organisation. These typically explore:

  • What resilience and wellbeing (RAW) means and why it’s important
  • The value of connecting body and mind
  • Simple physical movements and techniques to promote this connection
  • What stress is and what it does
  • Simple mindfulness and breathing exercises for use in every-day life

RAW workshops focus on sharing information and tools that can be easily used both at work and beyond.



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Phone: 07786 980119

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