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Futurum Group: Retirement coaching and strategy for employers and individuals

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Flat 3 Harlands House, Harlands Road, Haywards heath, West Sussex, United Kingdom RH16 1LA

Futurum Group works with businesses and individuals to help you plan and prepare for the future through our Encore retirement coaching, strategy and workshops.

This is useful to businesses as it helps you to:

✓ Create “good leavers” and brand ambassadors

✓ Facilitate productive contribution and succession planning pending a supported and respectful exit

✓ Reduce difficult conversations and management time

✓ Make retirement part of the agreed career path and facilitate conversations about the leaver’s future life

✓ Preserve goodwill and key relationships

✓ Bolster DE&I and ESG strategies – mitigate against ageism in your workplace

✓ Having a retirement support strategy in place helps older workers feel valued and listened to.

This is useful to individuals as it helps you to:

✓ Retire well by exploring the non-financial aspects of retirement

✓ Work out what you want to do next, identify priorities, opportunities and blockages, with the steps needed to achieve your objectives

✓ Consider the practical assistance you need and what your firm can provide

✓ Review timing, succession planning (external and internal) and other preparation required (e.g. CV preparation, training/coaching or discussion around a different interim role)

✓ Consider a fitting legacy

✓ Give you the space to look forward positively to the next phase


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Phone: +447581148550

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