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18 OakApple Close, Cowfold RH13 8RU

At Elect Tax, your financial peace of mind is our top priority. Imagine a world where navigating capital allowances is as straightforward as your morning coffee, with every potential tax saving unearthed and secured on your behalf. That's the reality we strive to create for you.

With a blend of deep industry expertise and insider knowledge, our seasoned team — led by industry veterans Richard Hier, former senior tax inspector alongside Iain Stamp, our quantity surveying expert—ensures that no stone is unturned in optimising your tax position.

Why Trust Elect Tax?

Unique Expertise: With decades of combined experience in HMRC and private consultancy and Iain Stamp’s exceptional quantity surveying knowledge, which provides a significant edge in identifying and maximising your capital allowances, our team offers unparalleled expertise in capital allowances, ensuring you leverage every possible tax advantage.

Personalised Attention: Each client's situation is unique. We dive deep into your specific needs to provide tailored solutions that maximise your benefits.

Robust Defence: Our claims are meticulously prepared to withstand HMRC scrutiny, giving you confidence and security in your filings.

Continuous Innovation: We invest in the latest technology and ongoing training to stay at the forefront of tax legislation and practice, all designed to benefit you.

Feeling concerned about leaving money on the table with your property investments? Let Elect Tax take the helm. With us, you'll feel the reassurance that comes from having expert tax navigators advocating for your financial interests, ensuring you're not just meeting, but exceeding your fiscal potential.

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Phone: 07917783893

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