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The City Girl Network is a dynamic, mission-driven organisation dedicated to empowering women by fostering deeper connections with their local communities. With a robust presence spanning 18 communities nationwide and engaging over 125,000 women, our network is a testament to the power of collective support and shared experiences. In Sussex alone, we're proud to connect 40,000 women through our Brighton Girl, Worthing Girl, and Rural Sussex Girl communities.

In the heart of Haywards Heath, our Rural Sussex Girl community is a beacon of connection and empowerment for thousands of women. Here, we curate a diverse array of monthly events—ranging from serene yoga sessions and lively dinner clubs to engaging book discussions and vibrant drinks nights. These gatherings are not just events; they are lifelines, providing women with the space to form lasting friendships, find business opportunities, and engage in meaningful community involvement.

Beyond event organisation, the City Girl Network is a content creator, a hub for a thriving business directory, and a manager of vibrant social media communities. We are on the cusp of launching an innovative tech platform in 2025, promising to further bridge the gaps between women across the UK.

Our latest venture, City Girl Creatives, is a professional network stretching across the nation. It's designed for women in the creative economy, offering an array of events, training sessions, research opportunities, and networking platforms.

The impact of the City Girl Network is profound and multifaceted. We've been a catalyst for women finding not only friendships but also business connections, employment opportunities, housemates, travel buddies, and avenues to support local businesses, campaigns, and charities. In Sussex and beyond, our network has been instrumental in aiding over 2,500 women to navigate and overcome challenging circumstances, including domestic and sexual violence and exploitation.

Our commitment extends to various health initiatives, tackling issues like loneliness, breast cancer awareness, period poverty, and the importance of smear tests. Through these efforts, we strive to make a significant and positive difference in the lives of women, their communities, and society at large.

In Haywards Heath, the City Girl Network is not just an organisation; it's a movement. A movement that welcomes all women to join, engage, and contribute to a more connected, empowered, and supportive community.


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