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Our People Make The Difference – Redefining Care

Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, you’re likely to need to arrange insurance from time to time. With thousands of products available online you may not have thought of using a broker. But if you’ve ever bought insurance or claimed without the help of one, you may have found it time-consuming and frustrating.

At Bennett Christmas we understand that life’s busy and you’ve probably got better things to do with your time than arrange insurance. So we make your dealings stress-free and easy.

You can pick up the phone to us and we’ll get it done. We’re real people not online robots – we provide real care and go the extra mile for you. You can talk to us and we’ll get to know you – we’re not a faceless call centre so you’ll speak to the same person each time wherever possible.

Unlike the online deals, we don’t search purely on price. We find the most suitable protection for your unique needs and we’ll help fill out the forms.

Crucially, we help with insurance claims.

Because the whole point of buying insurance is to protect the things you value most – like your home, car, personal items and your business – you need to be able to trust that any product you buy will pay out if you need to claim.

We know that many people have become disillusioned with buying insurance online. They feel there’s little point in it because there are often clauses that weren’t clearly presented from the start and the process is generally a headache for people. But it isn’t insurance that’s the problem – it’s because they’re buying insurance online without the help of an expert to make sure they’re adequately covered and who’s got their back.

At Bennett Christmas, if you need to claim, we’re here for you. We know the insurance policy you’ve bought and what you’re covered for, and we’ll fight your corner if need be. You don’t need to stress about it – just call us, and we’ll help.

Let us take insurance off your ‘to-do’​ list.

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Phone: 01444 810088

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