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1 Oak House, Woodlands Court, Albert Drive, United Kingdom RH15 9TN

What do you value more? Time spent with your family and friends, or the hours you spend being thrown around a call centre?

Life is busy. No one enjoys using their valuable time comparing options and prices, or sitting in a queue for hours only to find themselves talking to someone who just doesn’t understand.

This is where we come in – we make sense of the complex and take the stress away by doing the hard work for you.

We truly care for you from the moment you call us. We aim to give you that warm feeling of knowing that everything most important to you - from your family home and car to your business - is in the safe hands of a real, trusted expert.

By treating all our customers with respect and individuality, we aim to build strong relationships and understand you as a person, as well as what you need. This provides that extra peace of mind we all love.

At Bennett Christmas, we foster a friendly environment by making everyone we interact with - by phone, face to face or by email - feel part of our team.

Time has a way of showing us what really matters, which is why we fill those boring forms in for you, giving you back those extra precious moments to spend doing something you really want to do.

We have your back when it comes to a claim. You can relax knowing you have experience and expertise fighting your corner the whole way.

Our staff come to work every day to make a difference and take pride in the work we do – let us make a difference to you, too.

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Phone: 01444 810 088

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