Maximise your membership

Maximise your membership and visit our drop in session at Freshmill Serviced Offices where you can chat to Sue over a coffee and help your membership gather speed and efficiency.

We often get new members joining the HHBA who have quite a few questions in order to get themselves up and running and making the most out of their membership, and for existing members who wish to become more involved in the business community and learn more about the association.

Recent members to drop by were Sally Ashby from Muddy Stilettos Richard Strange from Bennett Christmas Insurance   Shaun Sparks from Casper Creative  Lilly John from MSVA Alex Mathew from Tax Assist  Izzy Pompova from C2C  Laura Mower from Datacove and Gibson Blanc from Gibson Blanc Photography.

Drop in sessions are listed here – Please email Sue for an appointment on  if you are thinking of dropping in.

Member Testimonials

I am delighted that we are now members of HHBA as a business and have no doubt it will be of benefit to the continued growth of Muddy Stilettos, here in Sussex. The drop-in session was a great insight into how much is on offer by being part of HHBA, and it’s all very clearly set out by Sue. I hadn’t fully realised all the opportunities HHBA presents to its members and various ways to maximise the membership. As a business we target potential sponsors for our annual business awards so it will be invaluable to utilise the website and newsletter comms. Sue has such strong knowledge of the members and their businesses, so also has the insight to connect you within the association to further help your business grow in new directions. It was also great to get to know her better over a coffee, and a welcome half hour out of the day! Sally Ashby – Muddy Stilettos

As someone who has been a member of HHBA for quite some time, I realise I have not been making the most of our membership. I found the drop-in session to be incredibly helpful, Sue gave me a good understanding of some of the benefits of membership to HHBA that I wasn’t aware of, or possibly had forgotten about. The session also gave me a really good opportunity to talk about our business and the direction we’re taking. Sue gave me a number of ideas of how the HHBA could support us in our goals as well as giving a view on how we can offer value to other HHBA members. We’re really excited to engage more with HHBA and the local business community in 2023 and beyond. Shaun Sparks – Casper Creative

Great to spend some quality time with Sue Llewellyn at Freshmills talking Haywards Heath Business Association (HHBA) & how to benefit most from the membership. A great relaxed way of networking & always with some experts from other industries presenting & giving us all a perspective on different opportunities that you may or may not need. 20-30 minutes with Sue is invaluable to gain the most out of HHBA so fully recommend you take the time. Richard Strange – Bennett Christmas Insurance

I cannot think of a better way to fully undertstand and make the most of my HHBA membership than to spend an hour in the company of Sue Llewellyn… Thankyou Gibson Blanc

Datacove have found being members of HHBA really rewarding. Not only do we get to meet and network with lovely local businesses, and get advice from business leaders, we also get access to benefits and support from Sue and the team. Recently I had a 1:1 session with Sue to ‘maximise your membership’ and I found it incredibly useful. Sue suggested ways we could advertise our data services better to the community and was able to share funding initiatives we were unaware of. Laura Mawer – Datacove

I recently joined the HHBA and as a new member it has been a great experience so far. The drop in session with Sue was very insightful, I got to learn more about the HHBA platforms has to offer such as the members offers, sponsorship, council grant updates, etc; various ways to advertise and market your business to other local businesses. I would highly recommend fellow members who would like to maximise their membership to book their drop in sessions with Sue. Alex Mathew – Taxassist Accountants