Maximise the value of your business

Ever wondered what your business is worth?

Want to sell your business now or in the future?

Unsettled by Brexit and want to make sure you have a business that can weather the storm?

Thinking of buying a business?

We have teamed up with Business Doctors and The Jonathan Lea Network, to deliver a FREE seminar to ALL business owners. We will cover: the value of your business and how to maximise it, whether your business is sellable, taxation issues, Entrepreneurs Relief, Brexit’s influence on the market, and the legal process of selling a business.

Every attendee will be provided with a free confidential link to evaluate their business. Ockenden Manor would also like to thank you for attending by providing you with a discount on lunch after the seminar.

Tickets are available here 

Date:               Monday 10th December 2018

Time:               9.30am – 11.30am

Venue:          Ockenden Manor Hotel and Spa, Ockenden Lane, Cuckfield, Haywards Heath, RH17 5LD

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