March 2024 Events from BIPC Sussex

This month has been a lovely mix of old faces and new for the BIPC, so a warm welcome to all the newcomers starting their businesses this year – we’re here to support you throughout your business journey! We’ve also been welcoming back lots of familiar faces, whom we’re so happy to see growing their businesses steadily – can you believe we’ve been part of the BIPC network, supporting entrepreneurs in Sussex since 2021? It’s wonderful how long we’ve known and supported so many of you!.
We’re here to help you throughout your business development and break down barriers to entry of business – always let us know what we can be doing to help, and if we can be doing more!


The British Library/ BIPC London website (the heart of the BIPC national network) is up and running again after the cyber attack, so if you have friends around the UK who would benefit from the BIPC, you can reassure them with the digital map that there’s always one nearby!

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