Managing remote and blended teams effectively July 15th 10-11.30am

July 15th – 10-11.30am Managing Remote and Blended Teams
Join Ursula Tavender CEO and Founder of Taking Care of Business and Mumbelievable, Anna Rasmussen CEO and Founder of OpenBlend and Emma Cleary Director of Flexibility Matters in a Q & A session to discuss how, as we come out of lockdown, We manage our flexible and remote teams effectively.
As a new world of work emerges, organisations are accelerating plans to develop and engage a high performing, agile workforce.

Covid-19 has become a catalytic event, shaking the way we work to its core and proving that we can and should embrace change. A blended future of remote and workplace-based flexible working options is here. The next question is: how do we make it work?

During this interactive conversation and Q&A session, we will explore what a business needs to build a successful and sustainable flexible working culture, looking at elements across the entire employee life cycle and paying particular attention to the greatest challenges teams are facing right now.

Drawing on insights, inspiring case studies and practical tools, Ursula, Anna and Emma will share how they are translating and evolving the best practice of the pre-COVID world into a new roadmap to re-build businesses that will leverage the power of the learnings from this pandemic to thrive in the new world of work.