Kuul Eats News – Project Restaurant Restart – Zero Touch

The Premier League may have Project Restart, but we have ‘Project Restaurant Restart’. Forget empty stadiums with fake crowd noises, this is real people dining al fresco and nattering in an excited fashion. Yes, we know we have to express caution, but how exciting will that be? We can’t wait.

With whispers coming through that the ‘Save Summer Six’ are pushing for some hospitality venues with outside space to be able to open from July 4th, it looks like the mad dash by restaurateurs to get back to a fully functioning restaurant again isn’t far away.

But what does that look like and how will your restaurant shape up?

In our previous blog Four Ways To Future Proof Your Restaurant post Covid-19, we addressed ways you can make sure that your restaurant doesn’t fall victim again to uncontrollable circumstances. But, for now, let’s look forward to what reopening for your restaurant might look like and tell you how you can gain your customers’ confidence in order for them to dine with you again.

After many discussions with restaurant owners, we’ve found that the most important thing to address with the easing of the lockdown is – how do you keep social distancing and still offer table service at a restaurant? Well, there are two ways…

The first is to purchase some two metre long oars and use one to place plates on the end of to reach for the customers’ table and with the other one, glue a chip and pin machine on for payment. If that sounds a bit Blue Peter or Generation Game then you’d be right.

The second way is to speak to a disruptive tech company that understands how restaurants operate, for a modern, customer friendly, zero touch solution. KuulEats launched earlier this year as the first fully integrated Restaurant Management System (RMS) on the market, including bookings, EPOS, CRM, payments and a customer App for interacting and paying bills. Yes, really, all of that in one application.

You can also adapt your KuulEats model to suit your needs and also cater for takeaway, deliveries and collections. Manage stock and resources by enabling your customers to pre-order; fully customisable and controllable by you.

In the last 11 weeks we have improved our system by adding online ordering and pre-ordering functionality. This addition integrates seamlessly with the whole system and can offer restaurants the ability to sell meals online for takeaway or delivery but, it can also be used by customers already sitting at tables to order and pay for food & drink, with the EPOS and chef fully aware of what and who has ordered. A touch too much? No touch at all!

All of this functionality is included in our free (yes, free) RMS platform with no minimum term contract. Too good to be true? Not at all. Four years of blood, sweat and beers, development, testing, investment, round table discussions with restaurateurs and our own experience running restaurants has led us to this moment. This is our time. This is your time…

We’re on your side. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve got the chef’s hat. We have spent a lot of time and research to bring you what your restaurant needs and we are so excited and confident that restaurant owners will love our creation that they will all give us massive hugs to say thank you. Well, maybe when they’re allowed to…

In the meantime, to find out more – contact us and we’ll run through it with you and get you up and running before you can say ‘pass me the oar…’

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