#IWD2020 5!

The last in our series of fabulous HHBA women entrepreneurs! #IWD2020 back in early March seems like a lifetime ago now but there is no reason not keep celebrating our members.

  • Dr Julia Mewes MRCVS, Director, The Mewes Vets Ltd

Did you/do you have any challenges to overcome? If so, how did you do/are you doing?  “I was told at my supposedly forward thinking all-girls school that women don’t become vets. Thirty years into my career in veterinary medicine my determination to prove those teachers wrong has been worthwhile.

What are your most important successes and achievements in your opinion (inside or outside of your business) that you are most proud of?  I am proud to have set up my own multi-award winning veterinary clinic from scratch over twenty years ago, and managed it as an equal opportunities employer. And yet, at my first ever Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons inspection, I recall the (male) inspector commenting on how unusual it was to find a woman in charge!

I have seen my profession progress to having a heavy majority of female professionals, and certainly there is no longer the discrimination against women in the veterinary profession. And yet, our statistics show that both female vets and veterinary nurses earn less than their male counterparts doing the same job. This is shocking to me, and needs to change.”