#IWD2020 3!

In the third of our series on celebrating our female members and their achievements Rocky’s piece seems timely with her expertise in resilience and well-being!

  • Rocky Datoo, MCIPD, facilitator and resilience coach, mental health first aider co-founded RAW last year with Kate Anderson.

What is your business and how did you get into that particular line of work?  “RAW was born of our shared commitment to give people the tools to be able to enjoy work, “to thrive not just survive”. Our combined expertise allows us to bring a fresh, practical and evidence-based approach tailored to the needs of specific organisations focusing specifically on:

  • providing people with the skills to remain resilient, calm and focused in the modern working environment;
  • supporting organisations and their people to identify and manage stress;
  • sharing information and practical tools to help connect mind and body and enhance physical and mental well-being; and
  • giving people the tools to thrive rather than just survive.


Kate and I both have years of experience working for large organisations, she as a corporate video producer for clients as varied as Rolls Royce, Marks & Spencer and Lloyds Bank Group.  I worked in the public and non-for-profit sectors for over 15 years as a professional, organisational and learning development specialist. We have seen the impact of rising stress on individuals and therefore on teams and organisations.  It is the leading reason for sickness absence and increasingly employers will be held to account for the emotional safety of the work place as well as the physical safety with failure to meet HSE standards leaving them open to hefty fines.

Did you/do you have any challenges to overcome? If so, how did you do/are you doing?  Setting up a new business is always tough. It can feel like a lot of work sometimes with little return, however, Kate and I consciously pace ourselves. Finding the time in multiple diaries can be a challenge! We have 5 children between us ranging from 5 to 10 years old, plus both have other streams of work we enjoy. Kate has her own yoga business offering specialist physiotherapy classes. I run leadership and management programmes, offer coaching and mental health first-aider training.

The workABLE specialises in supporting and coaching line managers who have team members with chronic health conditions and/or care responsibilities to understand what works for their team, the organisation and the individual when it comes to flexible working and reasonable adjustments. In addition I am a facilitator for The Juno Project an amazing, life changing charity dedicated to empowering vulnerable teenage girls at risk of exclusion to accept their power is greater than their fear and no matter their past experiences they still have choices.

What are your most important successes and achievements in your opinion (inside or outside of your business) that you are most proud of?  In terms of important achievements, I think I’ve learned to be a good mum.  It didn’t come naturally to me. This was compounded by my being incredibly poorly for the first 12 months of motherhood and an overwhelming amount of well-intentioned, but conflicting advice about what I should/shouldn’t be doing.  This resulted in my feeling very isolated and very vulnerable.  I still don’t get it right all the time (or even half the time!) but I’m very proud of how far I’ve come and the people my children are becoming. My 5 year old daughter independently chose to go to World Book Day as Rosa Parks this year and my 10 year old son, a sports fanatic, has been chosen to teach cricket to children much younger than him, a responsibility he sees as an absolute honour.  Work wise I am proud of my ethical and friendly approach. It has been hugely beneficial in my work with The Juno Project, allowing me to gain the trust of some very troubled young women and open their eyes to the possibility of opportunity through self-care.  I also have a fantastic network, which is so important for my resilience and well-being.  They provide friendship, challenge, support, opportunities and often, coffee!

What is one piece of advice that you would give another member based on your unique experience? If I could give one piece of advice it would be to nurture your network; positive relationships are a fundamental part of strong resilience and well-being.”