#IWD2020 2!

In the second of our #IWD2020 pieces we celebrate Claire Catliff. 

  • Claire Catliff is the founder of Love Luxury Events and has a wealth of knowledge from her experience within the hotel, catering and exclusive events sectors. Her understanding of designing, creating and delivering stunning events has led to a vast array of roles within the luxury market over many years.

Did you/do you have any challenges to overcome? If so, how did you do/are you doing?  “I recently re-branded my events company. This was a big project which required a sizable financial investment and it took the best part of a year to complete – with many leaps of faith along the way. I decided to re-brand to evolve my business and to take my plans to the next level. But I had to build resilience against my inner voice screaming at me which wanted to procrastinate and self-sabotage, and I tackled my fear of failure to emerge as a bolder decision maker.”

What are your most important successes and achievements in your opinion (inside or outside of your business) that you are most proud of?  “My greatest achievement is never giving up no matter how tough it seems; every failure is the next step to success and I try to live by this thought. I have taken simple ideas and turned them into creative experiences for clients and to have someone at the end of the event say ‘without you Claire it just wouldn’t have ever happened’ is priceless. I love to be of service and know that I made a difference.”

What is one piece of advice that you would give another member based on your unique experience? “We all have a negative inner voice. For some people it so loud that it drowns out every other thought so all you hear are the doubts and fears. It then becomes impossible to tackle anything without stress and anxiety creeping in. But a negative approach will only bring negative results, so flip your mind-set to allow only positive influences to nurture your self-confidence and self-esteem. Take charge of how you feel and act and recognise yourself as a thriving entrepreneur. I am not saying it is easy (there are days when I think what am I doing?), but only by truly feeling like you a worthy of success will you find that good things happen. And we all deserve that, right?”


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Written by Caroline Buchan.

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