Is your IT down AGAIN? Or slow?

If so, do you have a problem with your IT or is your problem really with your IT provider? Andrew Hookway explains.

“From feedback that we have received from within the market place, the majority of IT providers are unsettling their clients by telling them that total cloud solutions are either unsafe or cannot be done,” says Andrew Hookway, Director of Extech Cloud. “In our view, this is either because the existing part-server / part-cloud model is more profitable for them or they have no expertise to deliver this total solution or a combination of both”.

Andrew also urges caution to those whose IT provider has recently been taken over.

“Unfortunately, sometimes the need for a new company to find profits to justify the acquisition may be greater than the need to find the correct solution for its clients,” he says.

Over the years, the team at Extech Cloud has found that the most efficient, reliable, safe and cost effective IT solutions are delivered through the full use of the solutions of mainstream IT cloud providers, such as Microsoft.

The experts at Extech Cloud are committed to offering full cloud solutions and have the ability to put ALL legacy software services into the Cloud.

For us, it’s not all about profit

“Providing the right solution for clients is much more important to us than profit and I’m delighted that our team can facilitate that,” says Andrew. “After all, in today’s world of modern working, everyone should have access to an IT system that not only makes their business grow faster, but be more efficient too”.

Having the right IT systems in place enables a business to attract and retain the best staff.

Giving back to the community is also very important to Andrew and the team at Extech Cloud. Plans are well underway for the launch of a foundation to help make this happen.

IT shouldn’t be complicated – we’re here to help

Extech Cloud has spent years refining the process of cloud transformation for businesses just like yours and our experts can help you start your journey to the Modern Workplace right away.

Contact us now and you could be the next customer to save thousands of pounds, improving your overall performance and keep your staff happy while they’re working remotely. Call 01444 443200 or email us at .

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