Introducing Our Mentor Programme!

By now, if you are in business in West Sussex, you have probably heard about Grow Digital West Sussex. The workshops have kicked off, and we’re now looking ahead to series two in November.

But there’s much more on offer than just a day of valuable learning and networking.

This innovative programme consists of two parts, in-person workshops led by expert speakers, and follow-up support in the form of one-to-one mentoring.

The mentoring aspect has the potential to take your business to great heights, but spaces are limited. Only workshop attendees are eligible to apply, and the allocation will be based on an assessment of who will gain the most. If you’re successful, you’ll be matched with the mentor who is best placed to meet your unique needs.

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The Details

Firstly, the cost. This is a free mentoring programme, all you need is to commit your time.

Now, the great thing about our wonderful mentor team is their diversity. We’ve made sure we have experts who can share their specialism with you, and whether that’s cost reduction strategies, social media, productivity, or something in between, we have you covered.

Having an opportunity to take your learnings from the workshops, then work with a local expert to come up with an action plan is a fabulous opportunity. Being able to to utilise their experience for free… even better!

How Do I Apply?

Well, first you need to attend one of the Grow Digital workshops. You can see the full programme and register for November here.

If after attending one of these great events you choose to apply, your application will be assessed. If successful, you’ll receive an initial email introduction to your mentor, and it will be up to you and your mentor to arrange the initial session. This can be for a whole day or a half day; if it’s the latter, your mentor will be able to provide two one-hour follow-up sessions online.

There’s nobody better placed to educate others than those who have walked in your footsteps, and this really is a fabulous opportunity to learn from the best in their respective fields.

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The Grow Digital programme is supported by the West Sussex Councils and it has been developed in partnership with Freedom Works, Wired Sussex, Shake it Up Creative, and Creative Bloom. Each of these local companies bring years of experience to the table, and it’s their expertise together with research into what local businesses need that has informed the content on offer.