Innovation workshop for West Sussex-based SMEs

RISE: Fully-funded innovation support for West Sussex-based SMEs

The Innovation for new business development workshop will introduce the important questions, strategic challenges and critical issues involved in new business development.

This workshop aims to provide solutions for businesses that are interested in a cost-free, low-risk and efficient route to developing a new product or service. Or at taking a fresh look at how they might can improve their competitive edge or become more resilient and agile.

Working with an innovation expert, who has more than two decades of experience in innovation research and working with SMEs, businesses will:

++ go through the activities and decisions needed to progress new ideas into value for their business

++ explore new strategies

++ create a roadmap identifying how to more effectively use the resources available to them to ensure maximum return on investment.

Workshops are delivered by our team of university business innovation experts. This flexible series will build your knowledge and confidence to drive innovation in your business.

Small to medium-sized businesses (SME) based in West Sussex could be eligible for innovation support, workshops and up to £5,000 worth of university expertise at no cost to them or their business as part of the RISE project.

For more information about this workshop or the RISE project, talk to our team at .