How Trauma Affect Our Parenting Style?

How Trauma affect our parenting style

There are moments in your life that is so powerful and profound that they change your life forever.

Here’s one of them

A while ago, when I was at the height of my depression, my daughter and I were getting ready in the morning. I was getting ready for work and she had just started school so was fumbling her way through the morning chores. I was getting impatient with her not brushing teeth as fast as I wanted her to as constant rings on my phone was indicating how stressful my day was going to be at work. I let my building anger and frustration out on my 4.5 year old and shouted,
“Why are you not brushing your teeth!! You are making both of us late!!”

She got so upset and started crying and with that, I was consumed by guilt. My knees were wobbly and I couldn’t carry on anymore. I sat on the floor with my daughter on my lap and tears trickled down my cheeks. Once, I have calmed her down and gathered myself up, in one of the most embarrassing yet profound moments in my life, I justified my behaviour saying
“I was trying to teach you to hurry up”
My daughter stopped brushing teeth and turned around with her big brown eyes directly staring in to me and asked,
“You were shouting at me mummy, that’s not teaching is it?”.

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