How to make your Social Media more effective

April was a month in which we saw an unprecedented change in how we work and communicate with our customers. reported a 46% increase in time spent on Social Media in April as people use it to look for news, stay connected and find out about new products and services.

Unfortunately, increased usage can make it harder to cut through the noise, make your business stand out and ensure your content is getting in front of the right people particularly if you have had to cease operating or are running a reduced service. Below are 5 ideas of how you can use social media to future proof your business and ensure you stay visible.

Conduct a review

All social media sites have excellent inbuilt insights which will provide valuable data into your customers and their social media habits. Look at your demographics and see if they match your target audience, check whether your pages and bios are optimised and that they answer your customer’s pain points.  Look for the posts with the highest reach and engagement but also the lowest. You should be able to identify a pattern which will help you to understand the type of content your audience is interested in.

Adapt your content

Social Media Marketing is first and foremost about providing content that is valuable to your consumers and positions you as an authority in your space. Make sure your content adds value, taps into your customers’ concerns and shows how you can help them. Think about the types of questions your customers are asking right now and address those concerns.

Educate and suggest activities

People are actively looking for things to do in their own home, ways to adapt their business and how they can do things they may have previously outsourced. You could share how you moved your business to an online model or a solution to have developed to a common business issue. Think about how you can help people to learn a new skill and/or stay sane?

Go live and be informative

Humans are naturally sociable beings and most of us crave human contact. Live Video and Video calls will never replace true human contact but they can be a good way to bridge the gap. Why not invite your followers to join you on a live call or set up an online networking or support group. This will be invaluable to those who are feeling worried and enable you to provide a safe place that they will be thankful for.

Consider Paid Ads

It might seem risky to consider paid advertising at a time when many global brands and businesses are slashing their budget. However, running paid for advertising on Social Media during this difficult time will ensure people know you are still there and that your business can weather the storm.  This combined with an increase in click-through rates from Social Media Ads and a fall in costs means that if you get the targeting and messaging right you will be on to a winner.

The Sussex Social specialises in helping businesses define and develop a social media strategy that can help you stand out and grow your business. We are currently offering personalised payment plans on all our training and consultancy packages. So if you would like to find out more get in touch with