How to Lead your Business to Success

Two, FREE six-hour, hands-on workshop sessions that combine to give managers or owners of small or micro-sized businesses the tools to grow.

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Planning for and leading business growth.

Growing a business can be difficult, but it can also be hugely rewarding. Achieving growth will really help you to meet the busienss goals you’ve always dreamed of.

Investing just two days of your time to plan and lead this growth will reward you with the tools and tricks that can really make a positive difference.

This is an interactive workshop programme that is designed specifically for small and micro-sized businesses.

What you will learn, do and take away from the programme:

Day one:

• Vision and Mission

You will be led through the process of creating a vision for your business, or if you already have one, you will be invited to revisit it. You will then embark on the journey of creating your mission for your business. Research shows that businesses with a strong vision and mission are much more likely to survive and create growth.

• Key tools to develop your growth

In this part of the day, your workshop facilitator will take you through the tools you need to understand your business in more depth, explore what is happening in the market place and know how your business is competitive in the marketplace.

This will be hands-on, and working with your peers you will complete the frameworks in the session so you can take them away and implement your ideas for growth in your business immediately.

Day two:

 Goals and objectives

Building on what you have achieved on day one, today will be all about how to set goals and objectives to support you on your mission to achieve your business’s vision. You will come away with a realistic and powerful set of goals and objectives that will support your growth over the next three years.

• Key performance indicators

How well do you know your KPIs in your business? What do you measure to determine how well you are achieving growth and success? In this session you will develop your personal set of KPIs, avoiding ‘paralysis by analysis – and focussing on the KPIs that really matter to you and your business.

And in the final session on this day, you and your peers on the workshop will explore frameworks to manage the risk as you create growth – helping you to understand how to avoid the risks, but more importantly what you will do if they occur.

 To finish

The workshop will end with a wrap-up and discussion on everything you have gone learned and check-in on the key actions for planning growth you will take from attending this workshop.

This workshop programme is free to attend because it is funded through the ERDF and HM Government and is sponsored by Crawley Borough Council.

Refreshments & lunch will be provided.

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