How Many Emails, Calls, Meetings Can One Event Generate?

Unveiling the Behind-the-Scenes Effort of Event Making

When it comes to planning and executing a successful event, the glitz and glamour often steal the spotlight. However, behind every seamlessly orchestrated event lies an intricate web of communication, coordination, and collaboration. From the initial concept to the final curtain call, a staggering number of emails, calls, meetings, and files are generated to ensure that every detail falls into place. It often staggers me when I look back at the post event review just how much goes into creating those unique and memorable moments.

The Email Symphony

In the world of event planning, emails play a pivotal role in connecting the dots. From initial inquiries to supplier confirmations, the inbox of an event maker can turn into a bustling hub of communication. Countless emails are exchanged with clients, suppliers, venues, and team members, discussing everything from theme selection and catering menus to lighting setups and floral arrangements. A single event can easily generate dozens of emails, each one carrying the weight of a vital detail.

The Call Chronicles

While emails provide a written record of discussions, calls add a personal touch to the event planning process. Phone conversations are the perfect platform for clarifications, brainstorming sessions, and last-minute OMG moments/adjustments. As an event maker I can often find myself glued to the phone, coordinating with suppliers, checking in on timelines, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. From pre-event strategy discussions to post-event feedback calls, the call count can quickly climb into the double digits for a single event.

The Meeting Mosaic

Event planning is synonymous with meetings – lots of them. Whether in-person or virtual, meetings bring together all the moving parts of an event. From the initial kick-off meeting where concepts are born to the final walkthrough ensuring every detail is perfect, as an event maker you become a seasoned meeting magician. Meetings with clients, suppliers, designers, and production teams stitch the event together, often resulting in a colourful mosaic of ideas, confirmations, and creative solutions.

The File Frenzy

Then behind every successful event is a mountain of files, documents, and spreadsheets. As an event maker you must meticulously organize contracts, floor plans, guest lists, timelines, and budgets. These files are like the blueprints that guide the event’s journey from concept to execution. The attention to detail in file management can be staggering, as one wrong number or misplaced document could lead to chaos on event day. Check, check and check again!
While attendees may experience the magic of an event, they rarely see the immense effort that goes on behind the scenes. From the first spark of inspiration to the final bow, the event planning process generates an astonishing number of emails, calls, meetings, and files. This intricate web of communication and collaboration is the backbone of every successful event, ensuring that each element comes together seamlessly. So, the next time you attend a flawless corporate gala or a breath taking wedding, take a moment to appreciate the symphony of effort that made it all possible in making a unique and memorable event.