HHBA’s Simple Guide to Understanding the MSDC COVID19 Business Grant Scheme

The MSDC Revenues Team wants to help your business by giving you grants you are entitled to. They are extremely helpful, understanding and knowledgeable about what you could be entitled to, and will do everything in their capacity to help you. All you need to do is get in touch.

  • If you’ve received Government grants (including business grants) previously, you may also still be eligible. Why not find out?
  • You could be entitled to more than one grant.
  • There are a number of grants that have run during different time periods. Many of them remain open to applications.
  • If you have been forced to close by the Government (either through a national lockdown or with the Tier restrictions), but still offering some kind of service e.g. take away, click and collect, you may still be eligible.

Email  to find out what grant your business could be entitled to.

Please apply at https://midsussex.grantapproval.co.uk/

MSDC website https://www.midsussex.gov.uk/revsandbens/business-rates/grants-for-businesses/

The Discretionary Grant Scheme and applications are extended until 15th February