HHBA Survey results and winner

Thank you to all of you who entered our survey. We really appreciate all the feedback and insight you provided us with. It really helps us understand what our local business community needs. 

The winner of the annual Membership goes to Michael Stratford from Community Transport Sussex. We look forward to continuing to support the valuable work that Community Transport do.

As an organisation, we pride ourselves on offering value for money and are pleased to hear that 91% of you feel the same. 

It also highlighted that while we offer a number of services, the uptake of our member-to-member offers on the website is quite low. We need to highlight this more to ensure business stays within the local community and that we can help you all work better together.

One of our key services is directing respondents to advice on grants and government funding that support business growth. As only 19% of respondents were aware we offered such a service, we will work more closely with Mid Sussex District Council to make it easier to find this information.

The survey also highlighted that we need more daytime events and more joint meetings with other associations – something we are already working hard on behind the scenes.

The key thing for us, though was hearing what you get from the association. The words most commonly used to describe us were: professional, well-run, genuine, supportive and friendly. 

We will be working hard to implement some of the suggested changes over the coming months – it won’t happen overnight as the HHBA is run by a voluntary committee and a part time employee but do keep an eye on our website, emails and social media to find out what’s coming up. https://hhba.co.uk/