HHBA Chair Update

Dear HHBA Community,


I must firstly apologise for not publishing chair news up until now. This flu bug that is going around has taken up a little of my time.

First, myself and the committee want to acknowledge the pain that SME’s have been experiencing in the past few months. I’ve been feeling this too. To address this, Sue and the committee have been working hard not just to keep things going, but to make them better than ever.

We have updated The HHBA Vision is order to keep us focused on our priorities.

“The HHBA is run by its members for its members and is resolutely committed to helping us all find a way through these unprecedented times, providing up to date advice, maintaining communications, supporting friendships, encouraging collaboration and rethinking the future of local business. Accepting the challenge is our strength.”  

With this in mind, we quickly adapted and made all our meetings online. We made this decision having no idea how to work the technology, but just simply having a strong determination that this work, somehow – everything is figureoutable and we figured it out.

Now Sue is a Zoom expert, we’ve actually planned more online meetings than we had planned originally. Like many of your business’s, we have become highly reactive, so every meeting is based on “what do our members need right now?” and we go from there.

The next meeting will be practical advice and planning for how to get your workforce back and customers in safely. Watch this space.

Networking for May

I am so looking forward to our May Networking meeting. https://hhba.co.uk/hhba-events/ This will be super relaxed and informal, and we invite you to purchase a bottle of English Sparkling wine from Tickerage Wine Estate so we can all have a drink together. Even if we are not in the same room, we can all experience the same drink. Please place your orders with Zena () she is also doing free delivery for the Haywards Heath area.

Register for the Zoom Meeting 13th May


The MSDC have been invaluable in helping as many SME’s as possible. If they can help, they will. If you have any queries about what government grants  you might be entitled to, then Kevin Stewart, Business Unit Leader Revenues and Benefits is keen to hear from you. Please share this with any other business in the area that you think may benefit from this.

I have to say a huge thank to our HHBA committee and to Sue our business manager who have been going above and beyond to help all the local business’s in the area keep in touch with all the latest news.

Please stay positive and safe and we look forward to seeing you either online or at an event at some point.

Kind regards

Clare Jones

HHBA Chair

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