HHBA Breakfast Meeting – The Cloud Consultancy

Thank you to all the HHBA members who attended the breakfast meeting on the 20th July and I hope you found my Cyber Security – Knowledge is Power talk of interest.

For your reference this is a list of the URL links mentioned in the presentation which you may find useful:

Security Awareness 2020 – v1

7 Essential Steps For Making Security Awareness Training Work

If you are interested in educating yourself /or employees we provide short, simple to use Cyber Security Awareness Training courses. This link to our website provides a bit more detail https://thecloudconsultancy.co/cyber-security-awareness-training/ as do the attached documents. If this is something of interest do let me know and I can provide you with a free trial period to evaluate.

A summary list of our Cyber Security services can be found here – https://thecloudconsultancy.co/cyber-security/ .

If you have any questions or would like an offline chat feel free to call me anytime.

With kind regards,


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