Help parents in the workplace to thrive

Just because you’re not the size of a large corporate, doesn’t mean the support you provide to the parents in the workplace needs to be any less impactful.  Research shows that parents in the workplace are:

  • more loyal
  • more productive
  • empathetic
  • great multi-taskers
  • resilient
  • with better time management

This is on top of the expertise and skills they have to do their job and all this walks out of the door normally within 2 years of a parent coming back to work. In the midst of high childcare costs, increase in single parent families, cost of living crisis and impacts of social media on children, the mental and emotional challenges for parents are enormous.

And since it costs on average nearly £30,000 to recruit in the UK, there’s a lot to be said for retaining the talent in your business.  It’s a win-win (excuse the pun J) for everyone, if you can support parents in the workplace to reduce stress, overwhelm and burnout, you’ll have greater loyalty, productivity and an improved bottom line.

I’m Shwezin Win, a professionally trained coach from Win at Life.  I’m a mum and step mum, I’ve held senior positions, worked full time in large organisations and I understand the challenges that both parents and businesses face.  Take a look at my Business Support page on my website ( for a range of webinars, workshops and 121 coaching available.  Or if you’d like to discuss your business’s specific needs, click on the link here ( and book a FREE, no obligation, discovery call.