Healthy Eating – Its better when you grow your own!

Fit For Moore’s Popular Lunch & Learn series returns in April and to mark the start of Spring we’re looking at how to grow your own vegetables.
A vegetable that is organic, locally grown and literally pulled from the ground outside your back door, is going to be so much better for you than those flown in from 1000’s of miles away.
Full of nutrients and with no chemicals what’s not to love?
The problem is that growing your own can feel overwhelming if you’ve never tried it before.
What to grow, how to grow it, when to sow, when to harvest etc etc ARGHhhhhh
Julia Parker from Parker’s Patch has ALL the answers and will share her knowledge and top tips with us at this interactive and hands-on talk.
You may even get to take something away!!
Spaces are limited so please book ASAP.
Ticket price £5 only.
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