Have you moved your business accounting to the Cloud, but didn’t move your backup?

Have you moved your business accounting to the Cloud, but didn’t move your backup?  

If your client data is compromised, hacked, a victim of ransomware or human error, what would you do? Could you afford the financial loss? Could you afford the hit on your reputation?  


Many businesses believe their data is protected by accounting software’s automatically.  

Unfortunately, this is far from true.  

Their T&C’s clearly state you must have other protection in place with only their most expensive packages (£70+ per month) offering any kind of true backup.  

Losing your accounting data can obviously be critical to a company, impacting day to day operations as well as longer term financial stability.   

As more and more businesses move their financial operations to cloud-based accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero, it’s essential to ensure that your data is securely backed up.  


QuickBooks is at the heart of around 80% of small & medium-sized businesses, used to track sales, inventory, financial accounts, and payroll from a single dashboard.    

To avoid these scenarios, it’s important to regularly back up your QuickBooks and Xero accounts.  Even though both platforms offer automatic backups, both still recommend users to take extra steps to secure your data in a back-up solution from a 3rd party!   


Luckily at SEBS IT, we’ve got a quick and cost-effective fix just for you, that’ll ensure no one ever needs to know about that (not so) small oversight. At just £10 per company per month, we will give you complete peace of mind by backing up your QuickBooks and Xero Accounts.  


You will be protected from from accidental deletions, imports gone wrong, and rogue employees, to name just a few, and if you are ISO accredited demonstrating you have the required controls in place to protect your data.   


Allowing you to rest easy, knowing everything is safe, secure and a data breach isn’t going to cost your business £150,000+!  


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