Handelsbanken Haywards Heath announces the Bank’s UK-wide customer satisfaction ratings of 81.2% and 77.0% for individual and corporate banking customers, respectively.

Local relationship bank, Handelsbanken, has the most satisfied customers of all British high street banks for the 12th year in a row, according to an independent survey of British banking customers run by EPSI Rating1.

The survey, which ran from July to September, found that Handelsbanken’s overall customer satisfaction scores were 81.2% and 77.0% for individual banking and corporate banking customers, respectively.

Customer satisfaction sits at the heart of Handelsbanken’s business model. Throughout the ongoing pandemic, the Bank’s focus has remained on supporting local customers, via its UK-wide network of empowered branches, including Handelsbanken Haywards Heath.

Handelsbanken has no product or sales targets. Devolved decision-making means branch employees make the majority of decisions in-branch, based on customers’ individual requirements.

Dave Barden, branch manager of Handelsbanken’s Haywards Heath branch, commented: “It is always our aim to deliver the best possible customer service and it is really rewarding to once again be ranked the UK’s top bank for customer satisfaction.”

In addition to topping customer satisfaction levels in the UK, the EPSI survey found Handelsbanken to have more satisfied customers than the average for the banking sector in each of the markets in which Handelsbanken offers its retail services. These include Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Holland, in addition to the UK, the Bank’s second largest market outside of Sweden.

Handelsbanken’s customer-centric, local decision-making approach has also led to the Bank receiving top recommendations for its services to SME customers in the Competition and Markets Authority’s independent service quality survey for business banking, most recently published in August 20202.

For more information please contact:

Dave Barden

Branch Manager