Handelsbanken Haywards Heath reports increases in both lending and deposit taking for the Bank, as it continues to focus on supporting local customers through the ongoing crisis.

Local relationship bank, Handelsbanken, has today announced its second quarter (Q2 2020) results1, showing ongoing steady increases in both lending and deposit-taking, as the Bank continues to focus on supporting local customers through the ongoing crisis.

Over the first half of 2020, Handelsbanken saw a 3 per cent year-on-year increase in overall net lending to individual and corporate banking customers to £21.9bn; with the majority of the increase in corporate lending taking place in Q2, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Bank also recorded a 15 per cent increase in overall customer deposits to £16.9bn, including 17 per cent growth in corporate deposits. This year-on-year increase included a net influx of corporate deposits during the last quarter (Q2 2020), in part reflecting the Bank’s reputation for financial prudence and solidity.

Run by a team of five local bankers, Handelsbanken Haywards Heath forms long-term, personal relationships with individuals and businesses in the local Mid Sussex area, helping them with their banking requirements.

Dave Barden, branch manager of Handelsbanken Haywards Heath comments: “The crisis over the last few months has been truly unprecedented and whilst we have of course had to adapt the way in which we operate, the team have been wholly supportive in enabling the branch to remain open in order to support our customers with all aspects of their banking, both now and for the long-term.”

Mikael Sorensen, UK CEO, says: “We’ve always been a conservative bank and lent responsibly to our customers whatever the economic conditions. We are fortunate to work with customers who share our values, including the desire to have a local, individual relationship with their bank, and now more than ever, our priority is to use our knowledge of how the crisis is affecting them to offer targeted advice and support.

“Our branches have remained open throughout the last three months, with our colleagues across the Bank working flexibly to cater to each customer’s needs and help them navigate their individual challenges. As well as providing access to government schemes such as mortgage payment deferrals and the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme, we have strived to respond to the needs of each of our customers from ‘Day One’, and have introduced further crisis funding support of our own.

“With small businesses being the backbone of our economy, we are particularly pleased to report continued corporate lending support, much of which to our SME customers. 

“We’re acutely aware of the anxiety and uncertainty that so many will be feeling as this historic economic crisis unfolds, and are therefore pleased if our stable, responsible banking approach can bring some level of reassurance to both customers and employees. As we move through new phases of this crisis, our focus on supporting our customers will remain just as sharp, looking both to the short and long term.”

Handelsbanken customers enjoy direct access to experienced branch teams who are empowered to make decisions locally and deliver high levels of customer satisfaction, without the presence of product or sales targets.

Handelsbanken’s successful formula has, for the fourth time, led to the Bank topping recommendations for its services in four of the five categories of the Competition and Markets Authority’s independent service quality survey for business banking, the results of which were published in February 20202. For the eleventh year in a row, Handelsbanken has been top-ranked for satisfaction, for both personal and business banking, in an independent survey of British bank customers3.

Handelsbanken plc has been assigned a long term credit rating of AA with a negative outlook by international credit ratings agency, Fitch; and a long term credit rating of AA- by Standard & Poor’s. The ratings are the same as those given for the subsidiary’s Swedish parent, Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ), and confirm the Bank’s strength, stability and creditworthiness.

Businesses and individuals can contact Handelsbanken’s Haywards Heath branch by calling 01444 450185 or by emailing