Get your marketing summer ready?

As business owners, we all spin a lot of plates, and the thought of downtime over the summer will seem appealing, but it can often leave you wondering how to cram everything in!!

So today, I wanted to share some tips on making sure you stay visible and keep your marketing ticking over whilst also enjoying a well-earned summer break. 🌞

1) Think about what you need to achieve over the summer. Are you actively looking for more business, or do you just want to remain visible for when you are back to full capacity later in the year?  This will help you frame what you need to do.

2) Adjust your posting schedule: Quite often, less is more. So use this time to test what works and really refine your message and make sure your content counts.

3) Check what you did last summer: Can you repurpose the content performed well?  If your goals are the same as last year, then follow the same framework.

4) Keep it light: We all need a bit of respite, so make sure you incorporate fun behind the scenes content and new things and places you have discovered.

5) Share your summer survival tips: These will vary depending on your target audience and might include managing the summer work juggle or family camping holiday hacks!!

6) Batch create your content: Writing and designing content can be time-consuming, but if you can, block out some time to get in the zone! The ideas will often flow.

7) Use a scheduling tool: This will enable you to get ahead, schedule in advance and release yourself of that worry about posting!

Remember, you may see a dip in engagement over the summer as people get away from their desks and focus on the other important things – family, friends, food and downtime!!

I hope these tips help.

Mel x

P.S. I am now fully booked until September. But I will be releasing my brand new offers over the next few weeks!!

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