Get the finance & funding you need to start-up or grow

Our free workshop support over the next two weeks focuses on helping you to discover the range of funding & finance options open to your particular business or start-up and then to successfully apply for them.

Book a free 1-2-1 Access to Finance session with Get Set For Growth

When you make an application for business finance or business grant funding, you need a sound business plan. The Business Hothouse is hosting a free, interactive remote workshop tomorrow at 10am to help you to write one.

We would encourage you to apply to our Invest4 Grant Fund for a business funding award. 90% of applicants are successful in gaining a grant to start-up or to grow an existing business. You can discover if you are eligible for an award and also be helped to fill out your application form line-by-line at Get Set For Growth’s free Invest4 boot camps.

The Sussex Innovation Centre is offering a free support programme to business owners who would like support to successfully lead their businesses out of lockdown and learn how to respond to new and emerging customer needs.

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