Freedom from Cravings – Festive Season Plan Masterclass

We all have specific habits around food, and these may very well work for you, but for some of us, they don’t work well at all. They hinder us, yet we find it so difficult to change them. Diet after diet, one new year’s resolution after another and we are back to where we started – snacking, sometimes missing main meals yet feeling quite dissatisfied with it all.

If you have ever found yourself walking back and forth to the fridge or a kitchen cupboard, hoping to find something delicious there that would solve your problem and improve your mood in one simple hit – this article is for you.

In my experience as a nutritionist, when we create habits around food, they are hard to break. Especially so when you don’t know what is triggering them.

I found, that when I was purely focusing on the food, it didn’t solve the issue for my clients in the long run, only temporarily. This led me to change my approach and look deeper at what was actually happening. I now work with a blend of nutrition, psychology and NLP practices to help clients reprogramme and rewire their food habits by using neuroplasticity principles.

We work with the mind, we look to understand the current brain wiring around food related habits, understand client’s triggers so we can then effectively plan on how we can change the habit to the client’s benefit. Our clients report weight loss, improved sleep and vigour as a result – though this isn’t the key focus of our work together, rather it is the client’s relationship with food.

In our upcoming Festive Season Plan Masterclass, we will be talking about strategies how to enjoy the food you love during the festive season, without going overboard, using these principles.

The masterclass is free to attend on Thursday 23rd November at 6pm and you can register by following the below link:

What you will gain in this masterclass:

  • Understanding how habits are created and why you need to approach them via the brain rather than food alone
  • powerful visualisation exercise and cognitive techniques in the masterclass to supercharge your mental resilience.
  • You get 10 positive affirmations to reinforce your positive mindset. You can use them throughout the season to give your brain the boost it needs.
  • You will get direct mindfulness exercises that enables you to enjoy the food you love without feeling the guilt.
  • If you register, you will be given a PDF worksheet to use so you can take the learning into the festive season with comfort. The masterclass will be recorded so if you register you will get the recording too.

Please share this with your network as we never know for sure who needs the support.