Free management consultancy and business coaching

Our government and ERDF funding means that we can offer twelve hours of free business coaching and management consultancy for free to any U.K. resident. So whether you already have a business or just have an idea for one, take a look at the expert workshops, intensive programmes and 1-2-1 sessions that we offer for free through our specialist consultancy and coaching partners, WSX Enterprise, the Sussex Innovation Centre and Get Set For Growth. 

This month, our free support ranges from workshops that help you to discover how The Business Hothouse Programme can help you, to 1-2-1’s that explain how to raise business finance to intensives that help you to shape your idea for a product or service into a launch-ready entity.

As always, we have a full range of workshop sessions dedicated to helping you to apply for an award from our Invest4 Grant Fund. These include sessions that tell you whether you are likely to be awarded a grant from the fund, to sessions that take you through the application form line-by-line, to business planning workshops which ensure that you have a plan that is fit for funding. Over 90% of applications are successful. 

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