Flexible Working

Today (1/7/2020) had a very interesting video networking meeting hosted by Lara Squires, Emma Cleary and Andrew Hookway on Flexible Working and the impact it has been having on businesses (IT, Marketing, Recruitment) with people working from home.

Businesses are going to see a big shift in employee attitudes to the where and how they work as we slowly move away from the current environment.  This will require employers to look at how they operate and adapt to how their employees want to work.  As a person who has been working flexibly locally, nationally and internationally for the last 30 years this is great news.  As I used to say, with a computer and a phone I can and did work anywhere.

Of course it is a major step change for a lot of people not least because of the employment implications, the working methodology, management of staff, management of work and keeping that all important confidenc with customers.

I am happy to impart about how we did it, help anwesr questions, provide support.  Give me a call or send an email to get in touch.

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