First Aid for Mental Health course – from your home

First Aid for Mental Health course

💥 Would you like to have some skills to support colleagues around you with their mental health?

💥 Would you like to understand an action plan which you can put into place with clear steps of what to say and do when supporting someone’s mental health?

💥 Would you like to discuss ideas and actions to improve mental health in the workplace?

Come and join my next distance learning (online) Level 2 First Aid For Mental Health course!

– When: Tuesday 31st October, 9:30am – 1pm

– Where: From your home or office – online via zoom

– How much: £100.00 per person – this includes your regulated three year qualification and support manual and documents.

– Course content: We cover a range of Mental Health subjects during the distance learning session including understand what mental health actually is, reducing stigma around mental health, how to start a conversation with someone we are worried about and how to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace. In addition to this you do some additional reading after to make sure you understand the content we go through and then we have a 40 minute 1-2-1 assessment session where you answer some questions to support your knowledge and we role play a scenario to help you be more confident in having a conversation with someone whose mental health you are worried about.

Where do I sign I hear you ask?! Message me below or email me at to book your spot of discuss the course in more detail.