Find your peer to peer community at a monthly meetup

Bill Withers was onto something – we all need somebody to lean on. Widening your professional network especially helps you during a crisis. But knowing somebody at face value is different to truly leaning on someone you trust.

Cultivating a community at a regular monthly lunch hub means you widen your professional network with people who you can trust. So you can get business advice, without the hefty professional price tag.

Check out the Directors’ Hub for a brilliant community that meets monthly and is now in Haywards Heath too.

 A peer-to-peer networking group for small business directors is expanding across Sussex to create more opportunities for like-minded entrepreneurs. Aimed firmly at business owners who don’t have a big management team to support them. The Directors’ Hub connects individuals who want to share knowledge and achieve growth.

Our hub leader for the lunch club in Haywards Heath is Gary Smith of Simply Business Finance, joining him as members are Neil Tomlinson of Aquapax, Natasha Wells of H2 Words, Tony Pearson of Sussex Surveyors, Jonathan Lea of The Jonathan Lea Network and Mike Murphy of Solar Dynamics.

To discuss membership speak to Sonny Cutting on 0330 043 8322 or visit the website for details –