Feeling Frazzled? 10% off Stress Freedom Academy!

Are there people feeling frazzled in your organisation? To what extent is it affecting their productivity or health?  Help your team increase resilience by learning more about how they can follow their own personal stress management plan.

Stress management is more than a gym membership or
sitting cross-legged and saying ‘om’. 

Meditation is a highly valuable part of the stress relief mix, yes , but only part of it.  True stress management is a personalised 360 approach across all factors in your life.  By understanding better about how stress works and your individual response, you can manage stress better for the long-term and improve your health, wellbeing and day-to-day experience of work and life.

Anderida Coaching has just launched new dates for its Stress Freedom Academy Workshops which are suitable for everyone from start-up entrepreneurs, to managers and team members.

Upcoming workshops cover stress management, sleep and specialised training for cyber security and purpose-driven businesses.

HHBA members get 10% off all tickets (even early birds!) with the coupon: HHBAVIP2019

Book now for yourself or team members.  For more information on tailored training within your business, email: alison@anderidacoaching.co.uk

Here’s what Sussex Police had to say about theirs:

As part of Brighton and Hove Investigations annual training day I had planned an afternoon regarding staff welfare both physical and mental for our staff. Alison attended and gave a presentation on stress and maintaining mental health, the talk was very well received and for the days afterwards I could hear staff talking about it. A number of officers approached me and talked about having acted on the information provided by Alison and were already seeing improvements with their sleep and stress levels. It was an absolute success, and I suspect that absences due to these issues are likely to reduce.”

Book your tickets here at: www.anderidacoaching.co.uk/stressfreedomacademy


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