Factsheet 38 – Email Strategies for You and Your Customers

Email Strategies for You and Your Customers

Email marketing was the most used digital communication tool in 2020 with 3.9 billion daily users. When conventional promotions, including face-to-face meetings, were no longer permitted digital promotions stepped in to fill the gap.

The sort of e-bulletins we create for customers are usually fully interactive with any number of click-through points; on animated buttons, videos, read more PDFs, email, Website links and so on. Interactive emails give audiences the chance to directly respond, on the spot via their inbox.

Of course, these interactive emails need to be colourful, engaging, succinct and relevant. Get this right and research shows they achieve at least twice as much interest as plain text versions, open rates increase and conversions multiply.

Plain Text
However, plain text emails have their own particular role to play in the continuation of correspondence with customers and should not be ruled out as a means of engagement. Whilst interactive e-bulletins are eye-catching to convey news, announcements and sales promotions, plain text email can be used to put across a more one-to-one personal exchange with customers and help build longer term connections with audiences. There is evidence to show this helps in developing deeper loyalty to a brand and when done well, fosters a greater connection with the provider, sticking interactive and plain text emails together to form a longer-term strategy for promoting one brand name above another.

The goal is to make audiences feel that any email they receive is addressed to them only. This can be achieved using first names, where appropriate, but also talking about issues that matter to them. This is made easier when addressing a vertical market audience of course.

Developing an email strategy requires some commitment and planning. It helps automate procedures for sending ‘Welcome’ emails to new customers; ‘first anniversary’ emails, ‘renewal’ emails, ‘cross-selling’ emails as well as ‘promotional’ ones. This is particularly relevant now in times of lockdown as customers want to hear more from their providers. Without being able to pop-into the office or even phone in some cases, email is helping fill the communication gaps. Having a formal strategy helps organise campaigns, whether for one-off customer engagement, regular and routine mailings or promotions and announcements.

The Bureau runs email campaigns for customers using secure IPs and sub-domains, guaranteeing data privacy and cyber security. Detailed campaign statistics are supplied for every e-campaign. If you are still to try out e-marketing, we are happy to at least explain the details.

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